Actually Handmade & Really One-of-a-Kind
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The Artist

Robin Lennon 

I’m dedicated to giving my customers some of the most fun and sophisticated wearable art choices in the world.

“If you knew the style of your Soul…. How would you show it?

For me 'the style of your soul' is the unique character that is you and 'showing it' is extending who you are into the world.

I long ago came to realize I wanted the things in my life to reflect my inner sense of art and beauty. The things I design are for others who want that as well.

My shop and studio in Newton, NJ is an unusual New York style green boutique offering finished one-of-a-kind and custom, handmade women's clothing and accessories. It is a world of unexpected and sophisticated combinations of textures and colors.

All my designs are assembled using fine fabrics, unusual trims, repurposed vintage selections and upholstery materials hand picked by me from an accumulation of fabrics I have acquired over the past thirty or so years. Often, the stock of any one fabric or trim is extremely limited and its use in a dozen or so different designs exhausts my supply. Unless I come across the same fabric once again there will never be any more pieces remotely similar.

This online store is the beginning of a new adventure for me and I will be always adding new designs.

Your satisfaction with any purchase of my creation is important to me. Please send me an email at if you have any comments or questions.

Robin Lennon

Photo by Teresa Pyskaty